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Whether you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the office or step away from a long day shopping, lets take the strain and enable you to relax, catch up with friends or even have some ‘You’ time, the choice is yours.

Then as the night draws in, the dark seductive side of Mocka slides into place combining smooth sounds, indulgent cocktails and unrivalled service, Mocka satisfies the deepest of desires.

Take a step out and enjoy Mocka’s seductive side and let us indulge you for the evening…

Mocka Lounge Coffee and Tea

Add a syrup to any of our coffees for an extra 50p Vanilla, Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Coconut or Almond.
Mocka Indulgence £4.50
An extra-large cup with 2 shots of espresso packed full of sugar thick hot chocolate made with full fat milk topped with a tower of whipped cream served with brownie bite.

Espresso £1.50
Delighful coffee tequila best served chilled.

Double Espresso £2.00
Extra strong and simple.

Macchiato £2.50
Shot of espresso topped with frothy milk.

Americano £2.50
A straight black coffee.

Latte £3.00
A shot of espresso layered with steamed milk.

Cappuccino £3.20
Double shot of espresso folded in velvety milk topped with chocolate dust.

Café Mocka £3.50
Shot of espresso layered on hot chocolate. Topped with whipped cream and coco powder.

Hot Chocolate £3.30
Hot milk infused with coco powder and choice of syrups, topped with whipped cream.

Tea For one £2.50 / For two £3.50
What's your fancy? Classic, Breakfast, Earl Grey, Wild Berry. More available on request.

Non Alcoholic

Fruit Smoothie £4.00
Have a your choice of fruits, strawberry, mango, peach, raspberry or blackberry blended with pineapple juice, sugar and grenadine.

Virgin Mojito £4.50
Fresh mint and lime juice topped with soda. Ask for available flavours.

Citrus Cooler £4.50
Fresh lemon, lime and orange muddled with sugar and topped with soda.

San Francisco £4.50
A refreshing blend of cherry syrup, lemon and lime juice topped with soda and drizzle of grenadine.

Shelter from the Storm £4.00
A refreshing T-total brother of the dark n stormy. Lime sugar and schwepps ginger beer.

Country Breeze £4.50
Apple juice, muddled cucumber, mint, elderflower cordial, charged with soda.

Coca-Cola £2.00
Nothing refreshes like Coca-Cola.

Diet Coke £2.00
Lighter coke taste, no calerie lift.

Coca-Cola Zero £2.00
All the taste of 'Cola-Cola' withzero sugar.

Red Bull £2.50
It gives you wings

Fanta £2.00
Instantly refreshing and great tasting with fruity natural flavours.

Appletiser £2.00
100% gently sparkling apple juice that's one of your 5-a-day.

Schweppes £1.20
Choose from tonic water, Slim-line tonic, ginger ale, ginger beer, bitter lemon or tomato juice.

Red Bull £2.50

Mocka Lounge - Bottled beer & cider

Bottled Beers / Cider

Peroni (Italy) ABV 5.1% £4.00
The original Italian beer

Modelo Especial (Mexico) ABV 4.5% £4.00
Served with a wedge of lime.

Coors Light (USA) ABV 4.3% £4.00

Estrella Damm (Spain) ABV 5.4% £4.00
The Queen of Barcelona.

Doom Bar (UK) ABV 4.3% £4.50
Sharps brewery bitter, its winning lots of awards.

Rekorderlig (Sweden) ABV 4.5% £5.50
Swedish cider at its best. Ask for flavours.

Draught Beers / Cider

Peroni Draught (Italy) ABV 5.1% £5.50 pint
The original Italian beer

Cobra Premium Beer (UK) ABV 4.8% £5.30 pint

Carling Extra Cold (UK) ABV 4.0% £4.50 pint
Britain's No.1 lager

Stowford Press Cider (UK) ABV 4.5% £5.00 pint

Mocka Lounge - Non Alcoholic

Laurent Perrier £8.50 Glass £49.00 Bottle
A clean taste.

Moët & Chandon £55.50 Bottle
The nations's favorite.

Veuve Cliquot £65.00 Bottle
The Yellow label of choice.

Bollinger £70.00 Bottle
The Londoner's choice.

Perrrier Jouet £140.00 Bottle
Belle Epoque Vintage Hand printed bottle, beautiful crafted.

Dom Perignon £180.00 Bottle
The Connoisseur's choice.

Krug £190.00 Bottle
Undisputed quality and distinction.

Ace of Spades £395.00 Bottle
The golden choice.

Rosé Champagne

Laurent Perrier Rosé £80.00 Bottle
One of the best rosé in the world

Bollinger Rosé £75.00 Bottle
An all-time favourite.

Ace of Spades Rosé £650.00 Bottle
The ultimate Rosé


Prosecco (Brut) Borgo Alato £6.00 £27.00 Bottle
Fanatastic quailty in one bottle.

Prosecco (Rosé) Borgo Alato £6.50 £32.00 Bottle
Amazing a must try.


White Wines

Los Picos Reserve Merlot (Chile) 125ml £3.70 250ml £6.30 125ml £16.50 Bottle
Ripe citrus fruit characters with great freshness and balance.

Capriano Glera Pinot Grigio (Italy) 125ml £3.80 250ml £7.00 125ml £19.50 Bottle
Has a straw colour and also an ample, lasting fruity bouquet.

Penfold Private Release Chardonnay (Australia) £21.00 Bottle
This medium bodied wine has flavours of ripe peach and green pear with notes of toasted oak.

Allan Scott Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) £28.00 Bottle
Truly a variety that is made in the vineyard, a clean and ripe fruit will always produce great Sauvignon Blanc.

Albarino Santiago-Ruiz (Spain) £35.00 Bottle

Red Wines

Los Picos Reserve Sauvignon Blanc (Chile) 125ml £3.70 250ml £6.60 125ml £16.50 Bottle
Smooth and easy drinking with ripe plum and red berry flavours.

Montepulciano D'Abr Rosso DOC Caleo (Italy) £19.00 Bottle
Deep, ruby-red colour with violet highlights and a pleasant and fruity bouquet.

Penfold Private Release Cabernet Shiraz (Australia) £21.00 Bottle
Red berry and dark plum fruit flavours are highlighted by black pepper and spice.

Marques de Cacares Reserva (Spain) £28.00 Bottle
Intense and complex bouquet combining fruits of the forest and hints of spice.

Chateau Fleur Ursuline St Emilion Grand Cru (France) £35.00 Bottle
Deep crimson in colour, with aromas of red berry fruits, vanilla and notes of coffee.

Rose Wines

Los Picos Reserve Cabernet Rose (Chile) 125ml £3.70 250ml £6.60 125ml £16.50 Bottle
A hint of sweetness and bags of fruit, really easy drinking and approachable rose wine.

Capriano Glera Pinot Grigio (Italy) 125ml £3.80 250ml £6.80 125ml £19.00 Bottle
Light rose colours. The elegant bouquet has intense notes of acacia flowers. Dry, soft and well balanced on the palate, round and full bodied structure.

Berringer Stones Cellars Zinfandel (USA) £21.00 Bottle
A smooth, refreshing and easy-drinking wine with a nose of marinated strawberries and flavours of jammy red fruit.

Take a step out and enjoy Mocka’s seductive side and let us indulge you for the evening.


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